Positions At Child’s Path


Child’s Path has grown tremendously in the past several years due to its passionate & hard-working team. We are proud to be part of the community and an educational learning facility.

Child’s Path promotes:

  • Education, growth and advancement as they provide training hours for parents, employees, students from local high schools & colleges, RBT & BCBA Candidates!
  • Participation in community events that promote awareness of Autism, the amazing field of ABA in Dallas, Frisco, Little Elm and surrounding Communities all the way up to Oklahoma!
  • BCBAs and all providers collaborate to help clients improve.  With Child’s Path you get an entire Treatment center, not just one provider! 
  • Opportunities for advancement.  Child’s Path is an approved site for Florida Institute of Technology; that is students are allowed to collect indirect hours while at work.
  • In addition, we collaborate with Chicago School ABA program to provide employees a discount on tuition! 
  • We are proud to announce that Child’s Path has maintained a 100% pass rate for RBT’s & BCBA’s who get their full training at Childs Path!
  • Preparedness!  Instead of the usual 40 hours training required for therapists, Child’s Path training takes 2-6 weeks before being placed with a client independently.  We provide training in CPR, 1st Aid, Crisis Management and provide additional training for in-home or community treatment for the additional ethical issues one may face in these other settings. 
  • Consistency and optimal planning to promote generalization and maintenance of skills

Graduates of our BCBA candidates program have a 100% pass rate on the exam.


Child’s Path is an approved practicum site for the Florida Institute of Technology.

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