Positions At Child’s Path

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Experienced and Licensed RBT Therapist (currently hiring)

Therapist Aide


Janitor and Cleaner

Child’s Path has grown tremendously in the past several years due to its passionate & hard-working team. Child’s Path is proud to be part of the community and a learning facility. Child’s Path promotes growth and advancement as they provide training hours for BCBA Candidates & continuously participates in events in the Autism & Frisco Communities.

Child’s Path uses and promotes open communication amongst all positions. RBTs can communicate ideas, summarize their sessions & make suggestions to other client team members and their supervising BCBAs; Aides can communicate what materials are needed; and BCBAs can communicate treatment tips.

Opportunities for advancement are provided for employees who plan on returning to school for their Masters Degree and/or BCBA coursework. Child’s Path is an approved site for Florida Institute of Technology; that is students are allowed to collect indirect hours while at work. We are proud to announce that it’s maintained 100% pass rate for RBT’s & BCBA’s who get their training at Childs Path!

Child’s Path offers in-home training for therapists. A Team Coordinator, Candidate and/or BCBA must attend the first 3 in-home and/or community outing sessions with RBTs to ensure readiness to provide ABA therapy in a variety of locations. This training covers the importance of following and implementing the BACB Ethics Code when working with our client families and in the community.

Child’s Path works with families and its entire team to ensure RBT’s consistently work with the same families. RBTs change teams each semester to promote generalization and maintenance of skills. BCBAs maintain a 25 to 30 hour caseload to ensure quality of services is maintained.

Graduates of our BCBA candidates program have a 100% pass rate on the exam.


Child’s Path is an approved practicum site for the Florida Institute of Technology.

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